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These are my artworks and fanfics by me, :iconrazzledazzle210:.

:iconrequestsopen: - If you need any requests from me, then send me a note on my profile and I'll do this art for you.

:iconarttradesplz: - If anyone needs to trade their artworks to me, then I will trade them to put it on my favourites. :+fav: :buymyprints:


Here are my favourites from these deviants that have done a good job. :thumbsup:


Fuchsia Happens by RazzleDazzle210

'Well, here we are.' My dad said.
The taxi pulls up to our new house while the moving van just sits there. It's loaded with packed cardboard boxes with our stuff in it.
When we got out of the taxi, it drove off and then my mum told the men to do something with our old stuff.
'Those go up the stairs, those go up in the living room...' Mum gives a run-down on all the stuff they need to put in.
Once this has been done (including the bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen) the men said 'Is that all we have, Mrs. White?'
'Yes. You can just go now.'
And so, here I am wearing these black school boots.
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Breanna Mary White (or you can just call me Breanna) and I'm 11 years old. Of course, my cousin is actually WAY too older than me and my second one is not old enough to be eleven.
With a name like Breanna, it means "strong" like everytime I try to get a scrape on my body, I was always brave. And I'm diagnosed with autism which also means I have clever intelligence and not getting in control of my balance. Sometimes, I would either weep or burst into flames. I call it "Autism Spectrum Disorder" or "ASD" for short. Let's not forget Asperger's Syndrome as well.

Anyway, back to my story. When I look around the house, including the living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, there's nothing else to do.
That is, until I've noticed that there's a piano, 3DS XL (with ACNL included) and of course, a computer. Close enough.
When I got to the bathroom, I have started going to the toilet just to take a little tinkle in it.
However, when I was about to wash my hands, a pink shiny light shines straight through my eyes.
'Could it be...?' I thought.
I open up the empty mirror door, and there it was. A magical ring that would turn me into someone else.
Back then, I think Aunty Barbera obtained the ring because a load of people were screaming excitedly about her superhero persona. That woman is someone named "Magenta Fuchsia".
I don't know why the words Magenta and Fuchsia became a name! Maybe it's used to put the colours magenta and fuchsia altogether.
Anyway, I grab the ring, put it on my finger and then...nothing. Seriously, there's nothing in this ring at all.
At first, I thought there seems to be a problem. So I got down the stairs, got in the attic and tried to use a hammer with it. Unfortunately, one little tiny bang doesn't work.

Back in the living room, I told my mum and dad about the story.
'Mum, Dad, you're never gonna believe what just happened?'
'What just happened there, Spud?' Mum asked.
'It's this beautiful ring that shone a light on me! Seriously, it was inside this empty mirror in the bathroom!'
My mum and dad looked at the ring on my finger.
'Oh yeah...that ring...' thought Dad. 'It belongs to Aunty Barbera, doesn't it? Sadly, she's dead.'
'WHAT?!' we gasped.
'Don't tell me Barbera's just died, goose!'
We rush up the stairs and into the bathroom and before they knew it, they were shocked.
'It was inside that mirror the whole time?' Dad gasps.
'Yes. Trust me. I took it out of there. I mean, it's no way Barbera should go out there and fight crime across Megadale. I mean it's the colour pink that makes the fuchsia think and-'
'Uhh...Dolly?' Mum looks horrified. 'What is that bright light shining on your finger?'
And as she said it, we all look terrified. My mum and dad backed away from it.
I let out a sonic scream that turns myself into someone different. Someone that wears the colour pink inside of me.
With a flash of fuchsia light, my dress transforms into a fuchsia mini dress with a light pink bikini and a white shiny "M" below my dark plum skirt.
My black shoes turn into high heels and my hair turns from brown to magenta as well as my black leggings turning into some dark fuchsia tights.
BOOM! It knocked Mum and Dad against the bathroom wall and the mirror breaks.
'Wha...?' I look at myself in the mirror. 'Who on Earth am I?'
Did I mention my eyebrows too? No. That means they're magenta. Oh my Goddess.
Mum and Dad were opening their eyes and started getting up off the floor.
'What was that?' Dad gasps.
'I'm not sure what it is, but something just doesn't seem right for the poor doll.'
Dad sighs. 'I'll get a new mirror.'
Mum and Dad rush down the stairs.
I rush down the stairs too except this time, I got outside.
'Spuddy!' Mum shouts.

I rush through the alley using my super speed.
When I got near a wall, I use my high heels to get up there. Kinda like Spider-Man.
But once I got on top of the building, I feel scared because I would plummet to my death if I jump off it.
However, I gave it a go. I back up a few steps away and gulped.
'Here goes nothing.'
I run up to the top of the building, jumped off of it and closed my eyes tightly.
At first I was gonna drop to the ground and get hospitalized, but then, it was a miracle.
Like R. Kelly always says, "I believe I can fly."
'YAHOO!!' I screamed with delight.
I flew around in a circle across the blue skies.
'Shut the front door, mate! This is AWESOME!'
But as someone screamed, my smile began to fade.
'Help! My wallet's been stolen!'
I swoop down to an old lady who's upset over her wallet.
'What's going on?' I ask.
'Somebody stole my wallet! Could you get it back for me?'
I nod and then I use my super speed to catch the thief that is stealing the old lady's wallet.
'Hey YOU!' I shouted.
The thief with the stolen wallet got away but I try to catch him.
'Give me back this woman's wallet!'
Once I ran to get the thief, I pull out my sword which looks like a lipstick. Get it? "Laser Lipstick"?
Once he saw me, we broke up into a massive fight. He grabs the pipe and I started taking dodges from the first three jabs. That is until on the fourth jab, he made me broke my fingernail.
'Why you...' I said furiously and I let out a strong, supersonic, scream that I feel like a banshee.
It knocks out the thief and the wallet was dropped on the floor.
I pick it up and fly away to give it to the old lady.
'Oh!' the old lady was surprised. 'My wallet! Thank you, Magenta Fuchsia!'
And then everybody was cheering for me.
'Now THAT'S the "Magenta" I know!'
'You go, girl!'
I gave them a salute and flew straight up into the sky.
I sigh about my broken fingernail.
'Ow. It's so broken beyond belief.'
And so, I bit a piece off, spat it out and then it flew straight into a bucket of toxic waste. An evil laugh was heard while the toxic bubbles up.

As I got back home, my mum and dad were upset.
'Where have you been, Spud?' Mum asked. 'Don't you realize that you're too young to run away?'
'Nothing.' I replied. 'I was on my way to the shop to get some groceries.'
'Never mind about that.' Dad sighs. 'Your mum just cooked yourself some dinner.'
'Oh sweet!'
Then, I happily skip into the kitchen.

Meanwhile on the upside of the Megadale Power Factory, toxic bubbles pop randomly as the sound of an evil laugh grew stronger and stronger.
Finally, a black gloved hand covered with sticky goop shot out. Could it be...yes, it's my dark side. I hate to see that coming.
'So, you think you could defeat me, Magenta Fuchsia?' a female voice said. 'No, you can't! Soon, I will destroy you and you will bring the pain and suffering to ME! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!'

Fuchsia Happens
"My name is Breanna. Ever since I got this ring, my life was about to change pretty quickly. From now on, I'm the newest superhero in Megadale. I am...Magenta Fuchsia!"
This is the pilot episode of Magenta Fuchsia. In this first instalment, Breanna White moves in with her Mum and Dad. However, she spotted something that came from her mother's old friend. Once she puts the ring on, her life suddenly changes. Say hello to the amazing Magenta Fuchsia!

This episode was requested by KirukaChan because I told her I didn't create one single story about Magenta yet and so she thought about me wanting to make a SheZow-inspired storyline.

We have some good news to tell you.
We're delighted that the voices of our alien hunting club counterpart Cathy and Chris both got their own Twitter pages. :omfg:
Just a reminder, they are the same voice actors responsible for the following shows; My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has Pinkie Pie, Ed, Edd n Eddy has Double D (Edd), ReBoot has a younger version of AndrAIa and Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny has Athrun Zala.
If you've got a Twitter account, here are the following links to their pages so you can follow or tweet them:

:twitter: Andrea Libman (andrealibman)

:twitter: Sam Vincent (SamVincent71)

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Deanna Marie Ebblewhite
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
NAME: Invader ZEE
AGE: 18
DATE OF BIRTH: 11/12/1996
SIR UNIT: GIA (General Intelligence Agency)
PERSONALITY: Cute Irken Invader
FAMILY: ZIM (ZEE's Cousin), LEE ( ZIM and ZEE's Babysitter), TEE (ZIM and ZEE's Father), REE (ZIM and ZEE's Mother), LIZ (ZEE's Older Sister), MIZ (ZEE's Younger Sister), Uncle ZED (ZIM and ZEE's Grandfather), Aunty KIM (ZIM and ZEE's Grandmother), JIMMY (ZIM and ZEE's Grandson), BETTY (ZIM and ZEE's Grandaughter)
LIKES: Reading books and comics, JtHM, Squee, Invader ZIM, I Feel Sick, playing sci-fi games, music, Richard Horvitz, parties, events, school, aliens, making friends, ZADR [ZIM And Dib Romance], ZIM-Club, ZIM's relationships, GIR, ZADF [ZIM And Dib Friendship]
DISLIKES: ZADE [ZIM And Dib Enemies], Anti-ZADR Club, ZADR [ZIM And Dib Rage], three episodes that doesn't have ZIM in it, spamming her comments, bullying, calling her nasty names such as Fat Irken
FAVOURITE GAME: NickToons Globs Of Doom, NickToons Android Invasion, Nickelodeon Party Blast, NickToons Nitro, NickToons Freeze Frame Frenzy, NickToons Attack Of The Toybots (DS Version)
FAVOURITE FILM: Invader ZIM: The Movie
FAVOURITE MUSICIAN: Control ONE, Kevin Manthei

For her fanfic, see her story.…

:evillaugh: :abduction:

:iconirkeniplz: :iconirkennplz: :iconirkenvplz: :iconirkenaplz: :iconirkendplz: :iconirkeneplz: :iconirkenrplz: :iconirkenzplz: :iconirkeneplz: :iconirkeneplz:

:#zim-club: (MEMBER)
The-Irken-Invaders (MEMBER)
Psychonauts (MEMBER)

:iconiloveplz: :iconzimplz: and :icongirplz:

:iconzimsqueeplz: + :iconworldplz: = :iconevillaughzimplz:

Current Residence: 81 High Street, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 7DQ
Favourite genre of music: Control ONE likes rap, electronic, R&B and hip-hop.
Favourite style of art: I do cartoon characters in my style.
Favourite cartoon character: ZIM, GIR, Ed & His Friends
Personal Quote: Your magical love adventure begins now, sweet Zimmy.

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